? Precision Systems Design Laboratory

We occasionally have openings in the PSDL for undergraduate summer research and independent study (ME490) students, graduate independent study students (ME590), visiting and temporary researchers, M.S. thesis and M.S. project students, Ph.D. students, and post-doctoral researchers.

If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, please DO NOT simply send an email to Prof. Awtar with your interest and resume. Given the number of such requests, we are unable to respond to every email.

Instead, for serious consideration, choose any paper, patent, or thesis from our publications page, review it carefully and then prepare a brief Research Plan.

This Research Plan should be a description of how you propose to contribute to PSDL's research and innovation activities. It should include the following content:

  1. What novel research contributions do you propose to make? Examples could be:
    1. New design ideas related to machines, mechanisms, instruments, devices, etc.
    2. New modeling methods for machines and mechanisms to enable better design
    3. Synthesis methods or design tools that enable engineers to carry out machine and mechanism design in a systematic manner
    4. New design insights that help engineers in machine or mechanism design
  2. A timeline to carry out the proposed research.
  3. A bulleted summary of the expected outcomes and deliverables of your work.

Send this Research Plan along with your resume to Prof. Awtar. If there is an appropriate position and project for you in the group, you will hear back from us.

Thank you for your interest in PSDL.